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NBA Showtime

NBA Showtime
NBA on NBC Access Cheats: Goto the "Match Up" screen and press the following: turbo, shoot, pass You can now enter a code below.
ABA Ball: Turbo(x2), Shoot(x3), Pass(x2), Left
Change Uniform: Turbo(x4), Shoot(x3), Right Big Head: Turbo(x2), Right
View Shot Percent: Pass, Down
Eliminate HotSpots: Turbo(x2), Pass, Up
Replays Off: Turbo(x3), Shoot(x3), Pass, Left
No Tip Off: Turbo(x4), Shoot(x4), Pass(x4), Up
View HotSpot: Turbo, Down Play w/
Team Uniform: Turbo(x4), Right Play w/
Away Uniform: Turbo(x4), Shoot(x2), Right Play w/
Home Uniform: Turbo(x4), Shoot, Right Play w/
Midway Uniform: Turbo(x4), Pass, Right
Play in Tourn. Mode: Turbo, Shoot, Pass, Down
Snow(outdoor): Turbo, Shoot(x3), Pass, Left
Rain(outdoor): Turbo, Shoot(x4), Pass, Left
Thick fog on(outdoor): Turbo, Shoot(x2), Pass(x3), Down
Snow (outdoor): Turbo, Shoot(x2), Pass, Left
Nightime Fog(outdoor): Turbo, Shoot(x2), Pass(x3), Left
Fog(outdoor): Turbo, Shoot(x2), Pass(x3), Up
Play as Mascot: Enter a Name and Pin below to access the mascot.
Play as Raptors Mascot: Name= RAPTOR Pin= 1020
Play as Sonics Mascot: Name= SASQUA Pin= 7785
Play as Nuggets Mascot: Name= ROCKY Pin= 0201
Play as Hornets Mascot: Name= HORNET Pin= 1105

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