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incoming picture

Release Date: 12/22/99
Status: Released
Developer: Interplay
Publisher: Interplay
Genre: Action Game

Summary Fight against alien intervention with the finest in air, land and sea craft with Incoming, an addictive 1 or 2 player multi-vehicle shoot-em-up with frantic, varied action. Incoming delivers intense atmosphere via dramatic, breathtaking special effects coupled with all out action, which results in week-end losing player immersion. Features Command an arsenal of over 35 vehicles including helicopters, stealth boats, sand skimmers and space shuttles. Awesome line-up of military hardware includes Laser Turrets, AT-AT guns, Track Tanks, Sand Crawlers, Hovertanks, Stealth Sea Craft, Attack Helicopters, F22 & S/VOL Aircraft and Alien Fighters. 6 graphically spectacular worlds. 65 diverse missions which include attack, defend, interception , re-supply, escort and many more. 4 modes of game play including Campaign, Action, Campaign Tactics, Multi-player and Arcade Mode.

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