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PenPen TriIcelon

PenPen TriIcelon picture

PenPen TriIcelon
Release Date: 9/9/99
Status: Launch Title
Developer: Land Ho
Publisher: Infogrames
Genre: Racing Game

Summary Somewhere in the universe, it is said that there is a planet called the "Iced Planet". The Iced Planet is covered with ice and snow, and it is where PENPENs, penguin-like creatures live. Recently, creatures from other planets visited the Iced Planet. They saw PENPENs playing around on the iced field and came up with an idea; so "TriICELON" was born, a sport based on the triathlon. The TRiICELON race consists of ice-walking, belly-surfing, and swimming, and it soon became the most popular sport on the Iced Planet. Once a year, a grand TRiICELON is held to determine the number one TRiICELON athlete. Now, you and your friends can join in the competition any time you please!
Controls A-Button - Jump or Stroke B-Button - Attack

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