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Power Stone

Power Stone picture

Power Stone
Release Date: 9/9/99
Status: Launch Title
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Fighting Game

Summary A revolutionary true 3D fighter featuring dynamic environments and all sorts of interactivity with objects and weapons littering the levels. Features Revolutionary fighting within a gorgeous, fully interactive 3-D environment Collect power stones and transform your character into a raging, super natural version of himself Battle like never before: hang from the ceiling ­ climb on the roof ­ use benches, chairs, barrels, light poles and other items as weapons A huge arsenal of weapon power-ups: bazookas, flame-throwers, swords, time bombs, molotov cocktails and more R VMU Usage After beating characters in single-player mode, you unlock mini-games on your VMU that, when beaten, unlock secrets within the game.

Controls X-Button - Punch / Push or throw item Y-Button - Kick / Use Weapon A-Button - Jump B-Button - Punch + Kick / Pick up weapon Left Trigger - Punch + Jump (Power Fusion) Right Trigger - Kick + Jump (Power Fusion)

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