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Sega Rally 2

Sega Rally 2 picture

Sega Rally 2
Release Date: 11/9/99
Status: Released
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Racing Game

Summary Rev up your Dreamcast and floor it to the finish line! Sega Rally 2 is one high-speed, off-road racing thrill-ride designed exclusively for Sega Dreamcast. It's a flawless arcade translation that's been suped up with new Dreamcast-only features, such as 12 new gut-wrenching courses and 11 new kick-butt cars. Burn through brutal terrain as you navigate treacherous tracks and unpredictable weather. Maximize your champion potential by fully customizing your mean racing machine: changing tires, suspension, and steering according to road conditions. Four play modes allow you to challenge your speed demon buddies and race fender-to-fender with a split screen view. Dreamcast's incredible 3D graphics are so ultra-realistic, you'll need wipers to keep the dirt off your TV. Features 16 challenging courses, including twelve Dreamcast exclusives (arcade version has four courses). 19 car types, including 11 Dreamcast exclusives, each with unique handling. Four play modes, including Time Attack Mode, Arcade Mode, Ten Year Championship Mode, and Versus Mode. Split-screen racing allows two racers to play simultaneously. Fully-customizable vehicles - change tires, suspension, and steering to adjust to road conditions and time of day.

Controls X-Button - Shift Down Y-Button - Change View A-Button - Shift Up \ Select B-Button - Handbrake Left Trigger - Brake Right Trigger - Accelerator

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