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Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure picture

Sonic Adventure
Release Date: 9/9/99
Status: Launch Title
Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Platformer Game

Summary He jumps! He dashes! He spins! He carries stuff! Sonic the world-famous hedgehog is back and badder than ever in this new Dreamcast 3D adventure. From zero to 60 in a heartbeat, Sonic will wow you with speeds never before seen in a console game. Armed with all-new moves, including the hyper-fast "Light Speed Dash" and "Homing Attack," Sonic and his crew set forth to outwit the evil Dr. Robotnik, and find the Chaos Emeralds before it's too late. You'll explore vast, action-packed worlds of danger and intrigue: flee from a killer whale on a sparkling tropical beach, sandboard through mysterious ruins, fly into a perilous tornado - all in a day's work for our blue hero. Sonic Adventure raises the standards of gaming with breathtaking 3D graphics, full 360 degree movement, and a host of minigames to discover. Expect the unexpected. You'll be ready for anything. The Buzz The Japanese version was pretty good, but the camera was a bit buggy and there were some collision problems. Word is that all this is fixed for the U.S. release and won't disappoint. Features Jaw-dropping 3D graphics with unbelievable detail and speed. Nearly 50 massive levels, bonus rounds, bosses, and minigames. 6 playable characters - each with his/her own skills and abilities. Exclusive A-Life system: breed and train Chao characters with the VMU and then race them in Sonic Adventure.

Controls X-Button - Varies Y-Button - Varies A-Button - Jump B-Button - Varies Triggers - Pan camera.

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