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TrickStyle picture

Release Date: 9/9/99
Status: Launch Title
Developer: Criterion
Publisher: Acclaim
Genre: Action Game

Summary Race high above futuristic cityscapes on state of the art hover-boards. TrickStyle features an exceptional physics engine and state of the art character animations. Accurate collision spheres allow for true character interaction and stunt based racing --- a first in the genre. TrickStyle's node based track design allows for multiple routes through each of the courses, enhancing replay value. Features Characters must use stunts to race competitively --- a first for the genre Inspirational graphics and animations Practice stunts in the Velodrome - a "skate park" designed just for air-surfers Unique node based track design ensures replay value Real time physics engine manages everything, ensuring a realistic experience Players rewarded with "mini-game" after each area is completed Nine completely different characters, fluid and realistic animations, each with their own surfing style. VMU mini games unlock hidden features. Over 400 stunt-combinations to master.

Controls X-Button - 360 Spin Y-Button - Boogie Drill A-Button - Ollie B-Button - Speed Luge Right Trigger - Accelerate Left Trigger - Power Up (while pressing stunt button)

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