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Diddy Kong

  Diddy Kong
Access Space World
To access Space World, which is the hidden fifth world of the game, you must get all trophies and all amulets. Then go to the sign by the lighthouse and honk at it. The lighthouse will be transformed into a rocket and take you into space.
Access Adventure Mode Two
After completing the entire game i.e., getting all baloons, trophies, amulet, bosses and challenges ect) "Adventure Two" will appear as an option on the menu. In Adventure Two all the ballons are now silver, all the tracks are mirrored and the computer opponents are a lot harder.
Access Speed Boost
Right after the announcer says "GET READY" and the words start to disappear press and hold "A" button. If done correctly, you will get a turbo boost. Whenever you go over a Zipper make sure that the gas button is not pressed or your speed boost will be cut short.
Magic Codes
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