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Features Menu
God Mode:
Enter the following password: ?TJL BDFW BFGV JVVB. This will take you to level one. Press START to pause the game, and there will be a "Features" option in the menu. Use this menu to warp to other levels, activate the God mode, gain full health, get all weapons & ammo, and look at full maps.
The Ultimate Password
Enter the following password: W93M 7H2O BYCO PSVB. This password will give you 100 health, 200 armor, all weapons, full ammo, the backpack, levels 29-31 finished, and takes you to the last level. You also get three pentagram items that makes the laser 3x as powerful as the BFG9000. You can also kill the last boss in less than five seconds. The pentagram items also let you use the three switches in the last level.
After you've died in Doom 64, text-style taunts will appear on your screen direct from the Midway developers. Wait about 25 seconds after dying to see them.


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