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NFL Blitz

  NFL Blitz
Goto the "Matchup Screen" and enter Turbo, Pass, and Jump the number of time listed below followed by the corresponding direction. Good Luck!
Display FG %= T(0)+J(0)+P(1)+ Down
Fog= T(0)+J(3)+P(0)+ Down
Ground Fog= T(2)+J(3)+P(2)+ Down
Heavy Fog= T(0)+J(4)+P(1)+ Down
Awesome CPU= T(3)+J(1)+P(4)+ Down
Giant Heads= T(2)+J(0)+P(3)+ Right
Giant Football= T(0)+J(5)+P(0)+ Down
Big Players= T(1)+J(4)+P(1)+ Right
Small Players= T(3)+J(1)+P(0)+ Right
Random Players= T(1)+J(1)+P(5)+ Left
Super QBs= T(3)+J(4)+P(2)+ Left
Super Blitzing= T(0)+J(4)+P(5)+ Up
Lightning Passes= T(2)+J(5)+P(0)+ Left
Go Out of Bounds= T(2)+J(1)+P(1)+ Left
Unlimited Turbo= T(5)+J(1)+P(4)+ Up
Powered-Up Team= T(2)+J(3)+P(3)+ Up
Powered-Up Blockers= T(3)+J(1)+P(2)+ Left
Powered-Up Defense= T(4)+J(2)+P(1)+ Up
Powered-Up FGS= T(1)+J(2)+P(3)+ Left
Display More Field= T(0)+J(2)+P(1)+ Right
No First Downs= T(2)+J(1)+P(0)+ Up
Hidden Name= T(1)+J(0)+P(2)+ Right
Speed Mode= T(4)+J(0)+P(4)+ Left
Giant Heads= (2)+J(0)+P(3)+ Right
Huge Heads= T(0)+J(4)+P(0)+ Up
Fast Passes= T(2)+J(5)+P(0)+ Left
Hide Name= T(1)+J(0)+P(2)+ Right
Giant Ball= T(0)+J(5)+P(0)+ Down
Speed Mode= T(4)+J(0)+P(4)+ Left
Power Block= T(3)+J(1)+P(2)+ Left
Power Def.= T(4)+J(2)+P(1)+ Up
Fog= T(0)+J(4)+P(1)+ Down
Small Players= T(3)+J(1)+P(0)+ Right
Unlimited Turbo=T(5)+J(1)+P(4)+ Up
Mortal Kombat Hidden Players:
Enter these and names codes at the "Enter Name" screen.
Demon= Shinok 8337
Raiden Raiden 3691
X-tra Defensive Blocker:
When the ball is being hiked
hold Turbo+Jump+Pass


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