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Rampage: World Tour

  Rampage: World Tour
Monster Allergies
Each monster is allergic to something. If a monster eats the thing it's allergic to it will sneeze a building destroying sneeze.
George allergic to dogs
Lizzy allergic to birds
Ralph allergic to cats
Ride The Tanks
Jump on tanks to ride them, then you can control how the tank moves. After a while the tank will explode and shoot you into the air.
Ride The UFOs Jump on UFOs to ride them, then you can control it. The UFO will eventually disappear.
Hidden Cities Cheat
To access the hidden cities, rapidly hit the button for the monster you chose on the screen that shows the name of the city you're about to enter until you get a message saying "Secret Code Accepted"
If George Hit Jump
If Lizzie Hit Punch
If Ralph Hit Kick


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