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You can search for other Nintendo 64 game cheats using the A to Z list


South Park

  South Park
NOTE: Many of these cheats can only be activated in Multi-Player mode
BOBBYBIRD - Master cheat activated - all cheats enabled
SCREWYOUGUYS - Show credits activated
OMGTKKYB - All characters activated
SLAPUPMEAL - Starvin Marvin activated
PHAERT - Phillip activated
RAFT - Terrance activated
DOROTHYSFRIEND - Mr. Garrison activated
CHEATINGISBAD - Mr. Mackey activated
LOVEMACHINE - Chef activated
CHECKATACO - Wendy activated
FISHNCHIPS - Pip activated
KICKME - Ike activated
ALLWOMAN - Mrs. Cartman activated
GOODSCIENCE - Mephisto activated
STARINGFROG - Jimbo activated
HAWKING - Ned activated
OUTRAGE - Big Gay Al activated
ELVISLIVES - Barbrady activated
MAJESTIC - Alien activated
THEEARTHMOVED - Level select activated
VEGGIEHEAVEN - Skinny activated
MEGANOGGIN - Big heads activated
FATTERKNACKER - Unlimited ammo activated
FATKNACKER - All weapons activated
ASSMAN - Invincibility activated
PLANEARIUM - Pen & Ink activated


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