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Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

  Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
20 Rupees:
Start a game and go to where Zelda is originally met. There is a window on the left and pictures of various other video game character can be seen if you look from different angles. Find the Mario picture and when you throw something at him you will get 20 Rupees. Warning: Don't throw anything at the other characters or a bomb will be thrown back. Good Luck!
The Sinking Lure
The sinking lure can be found as a child or an adult inside the fishing area. It is usually lying around on top of the submerged log or near the submerged stones near the water source.
The Hyrule Louch
This huge immobile fish that lays at the bottom of the fishing pond is only catchable with the sinking lure. If you catch you will be offered to throw it back for 50 or 60 rupees but if you keep it you'll have the biggest fish in Hyrule!
Obtaining the horse
You can obtain the horse as soon as you turn into an adult. The way to do this is to go to Lon Lon Ranch with a large sum of money (as much as possible). Now enter the ranch (during the daytime) and speak to Ingo standing in front of the gate to the place with the horses. He will ask if you want to ride the horse for 10 rupees, if you accept you will be placed into the ranch area and will be given fifty seconds to ride around. Now ignore the horse in front of you and look for Epona which will also be wearing a saddle, when you spot her play Epona's Song and she will stand and let you mount her. when you do you will have to jump over the big fence with her in the obstacle course then speak to Ingo and he will over a race. The race will cost 50 rupees and its pretty tough the first five times or so. when you beat him once he will make you ride him again saying that he'll give you the horse, if you win the race he will trap you in the ranch and not permit you to leave. Now all you have to do jump over the gate to the ranch and your home free.
Bonus: If you speak to Talon in Kakariko Village, (in one of the houses) by waking him up with the pocket cucco after you have gotten Epona he will rush to Lon Lon ranch. Recieving the song of the Sun
To find the song of the sun you must go to the back of the graveyard in Kokariko village and play Zelda's lullaby while standing in front of the big tomb. If done correctly you can enter the underground catacomb, First you will be in a damp wet room with Keese (bats) flying around after you kill them the stone door will open. Go in and the next room will have about three zombie guys in it just dodge them or kill them, the next room will conceal the tomb of the royal musician brothers, play Zelda's lullaby in front of the altar and "The song of the sun"!
Hint: The chicken game:
When at Lon Lon Ranch, go visit Talon, the character you woke up before at Hyrule Castle. Accept his offer when he asks if you want to play a chicken game. To catch the three chickens, move to the corners of the room and just start grabbing all the chickens. It helps if you watch where at least one of them lands, to capture one quickly. As a reward for completing the game, Link will receive a bottle of milk which restores five hearts to his health.
To capture the chickens easily, pick up all the chickens before talking to Talon. Place the chickens in the corner between the table, the stairs, and Talon. They will stay there and allow Link to find the super chickens without the other chickens wandering around.
Hint: Kill the Rolling Goron:
To kill the giant rolling Goron in Goron City, bomb him about ten times. After the ninth bombing, he will grunt and the other Goron's will run out to kill you.
Hint: Finding Saria:
When finding Saria, go to the Lost Woods and move in the following directions: Right, Left, Right , Left, Center, Left, Right.
Hint: Fairy fountain locations:
After getting the Goron's Bracelet and the Bomb Bag, search Hyrule Field for suspicious looking boulders for a fairy fountain.
In the same tomb where a Hylian Shield is found, destroy the wall to find a fairy fountain.
On the way to Zora's Domain, move along the green shores of Zora'a River. Bomb a boulder at this location to discover a fairy fountain beneath it.
When leaving the Sacred Forest meadow, a ladder will appear on a hedge. This leads to a clearing that contains a boulder. A fairy fountain is under the boulder.
In the watery paradise of Zora's Domain, play the Song of Storms to open a hole in a platform. The hole leads to a fountain below.
In the dry desert after playing the Song of Storms, a hole will open up in the ground that will lead to a fairy fountain.
Hint: Great fairy locations:
Great fairy of power:
This Great fairy gives Link the "spin slash" attack. She is located at Death Mountain, outside the crater to the left of the entrance, behind a bomb-able wall.
Great fairy of wisdom:
This Great fairy doubles Link's magic meter. She is located inside the Death Mountain crater. Face the entrance to Goron City (inside the crater). A bridge will be to the right. Use the megaton hammer (obtained after passing the Fire Temple) to destroy the rocks blocking the entrance. Bombs will have no effect.
Great fairy of courage:
This Great fairy doubles adult Link's defensive powers. She is located near Ganon's castle. Obtain the Golden Gauntlets inside Ganon's castle. Use them to lift the column that is blocking the entrance, which is to the right, when facing Ganon's tower.
Great fairy of magic:
This Great fairy is located at the same spot as the Great fairy of courage when Link is a child. Use a bomb to open the entrance. She will give Link a new spell, "Din's Fire".
Great fairy of magic:
This great fairy is located between the two palm trees at the desert colossus. Use a bomb at the crack on the wall. She will give Link the "Nayru's Love" spell.
Great fairy of magic:
She is located behind Zora's fountain, when Link is a kid. Move all the way behind the fountain to find a piece of land. Then, destroy the wall behind it. She will give Link a new spell, "Ferore's Wind".
Hint: Finding a bag that holds 40 seeds:
Go to the Lost Woods. After entering, turn right and continue forward to a ledge with a fence and ladder to the left. A metal circular object will be suspended from a tree at this location. Shoot it three times exactly in the center with the slingshot and to receive the bag. A "100" will flash when your shot hits the center. You must score "100" three times in a row.


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