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Armored Core 2

- Publisher: From Software
Number Of Players: 4
Release Date: ??

The creators of the past Armored Core games, From Software are hard at work on Armored Core 2. They said that the basic premise of Armored Core will once again continue on with the sequel. Because of the limited hardware of the PlayStation you were only able to fire no more then eight missiles at a time, however the PlayStation 2 hardware can handle firing over thirty missles at a time. You will even be able to shoot down your enemies missiles with your own.

Along with major graphically improvements there willbe a huge list of mechs to choose from. Including four-legged, two-legged and back ward legs for faster speeds. Each mech will have their own special abilities such as heavy armored, flying or being very fast. Like the previous Armored Core's you willbe able to upgrade your mechs with new guns, missles, legs and arms. A two player mode has already been confirmed and From Software may consider making a four player mode.

Sofar Amored Core 2 is looking like a great title and may end up being one of the best mech games of all time. For a closer look at Armored Core 2 for the PlayStation 2, click on the screenshots the right. This preview willbe updated if any new information is released.


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