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AudioStorm PST

- Manufacturer: Gallant Computer Inc.
Release Date: Available Now

Gallant Computer's not going to wait around for the PS2 to hit the states, they've already created the sound solution for all of you gamers that have the no-Dolby Digtal blues. Normally, to enjoy the PlayStation2's Dolby Digital 5.1 audio from DVD movies and future games, you'd need a DD decoder-equipped reciever. Gallant's fixed that little problem with what they call the AudioStorm PST.

Taking a cue from Sony's designers, the system sports a look strikingly similar to that of the PS2. The same "car amp" design holds true here, and is nearly identical to the PS2. There are a few small differences, of course. The AudioStorm can't be set up logically on it's vertical base (there's a digital display that wouldn't be as readable from the side), but everything else about it drips of PS2 complements. Even the subwofer sports that same deep blue to light blue gradient found on the PS2's base.

The master station itself is a 100-watt powerhouse, with 5 speakers featuring the company's PowerBall technology that apparantly projects far more robust sound than would be expected from such small speakers. It'll decode all the audio goodies you're looking for, save one: there's no DTS decoding on board, but with Dolby Digital, Pro Logic, and Stereo modes, all your other audio needs are covered. Trust me, though, after working in a movie theatre for 2 and a half years, I know what the differences in audio formats are, and the differences between DTS and DD are trivial at best. The amp accepts digital audio in the form of an S/PDIF, Coax, or Fiber Optic streams, and also has inputs for two analog A/V hookups (TV, VCR, etc.).

Controlling all these elements should prove easy with the AudioStorm's remote, which offers complete control over all the aural functions you're looking for (mode switches, volume control, etc).

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