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Dead Or Alive 2

- Dead Or Alive 2
Number Of Players: 1-2
Release Date: Available Now

By now, I'm sure many of you have read my DoA2 vs. DoA2 article on IGNPS2 and think I'm on crack, but the simple fact of the matter is, this game is damn good, and is better on the PS2 than it is on the Dreamcast. Graphically, some may call it a toss-up, but there's no denying the extras that you'll get with the PS2 version.

The PlayStation2 version of Dead or Alive 2 is based on the Millennium edition of the Japanese Dreamcast version. Whew! Hopefully you all followed me there. The Millennium edition boasts more costumes and levels, so even if you think the Dreamcast version looks better, you're going to get more.

So what can the PS2 version offer over the Dreamcast besides the Millennium edition upgrades? Dish out the extra cash and you'll get more pronounced lighting and environment effects plus 60fps cutscenes instead of the DC's 30 fps ones. Then there's the costumes and levels.

The PS2 version of DoA2 boasts three new levels that you won't find on the Dreamcast, a scenic mountain bluff, a sunset kissed rooftop, and a dojo with a courtyard. Out of the 3 levels, only the dojo actually allows areas for you to smash your opponent through walls, but it's not much of an issue. There's also been an addition to the multi-tiered rooftops level that lets you blast your opponent through the wall on the topmost level that sends you down into a HUGE room complete with a giant dragon holding a glass ball. It's just amazing.

The costumes are also awesome, offering PS2 exclusives like Tina's incredibly sexy catsuit (yeah, including the ears and tail) that pretty much has her rather generous amounts of boobage nearly spilling out. You'll also get the awesome schoolgirl costumes from the Dreamcast version for Ayane and Kasumi, plus their coat-covered variants. Overall, you'll get at least on more costume per character than the Dreamcast version.

The sound is amazing, offering a much cleaner, fuller sound than the Dreamcast version. The music is great, with rock-centric riffs and some great percussion thrown in. They won't move you in any way, but it's good. The effects are also more pronounced than Tekken Tag Tournament (and in my opinion done better too), they ride above the music, with crisp smacks and kicks that do a better job conveying the action.

DoA2's control is also better than Tekken. By using the analog stick, you can easily strafe around your opponent, and the the execution of moves is easy to pull off. If you haven't played the Dead or Alive series, the controls will take a little getting used to, mainly because mindless button mashing won't work here, and the timing on the reversals takes a little getting used to. Fortunately, once you have them down, the game becomes twice as deep. It's a great system, and helps set the series apart from the Street Fighters, Virtua Fighters (which is the control scheme that DoA2 most resembles), Mortal Kombats, and Tekkens out there.

If you own a PS2 OR a Dreamcast, this buy is a must have. Buy it today.

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