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Publisher: Electronic Arts
Number Of Players: 1
Release Date: March 4, 2000

As the games finally begin for the PlayStation 2 console, more and more developers are starting to reveal their new games in development for this console. As one of the first shooters of it's kind for the Next Generation PlayStation, X Fire reveals itself to be an enticing new game with new innovations to offer.

This game was first revealed as X-Shooter earlier this month. New images and screenshots for this game were immediately circulated among the gaming community. In the past few years, we have seen the shooting genre gradually evolve. Most modern day shooters now carry a rich storyline along with detailed character development. Such features can easily be seen in games such as Namco's Time Crisis, and Sega's House Of The Dead series. In the past, it was all about picking your weapon, and shooting your foes. Now, new elements have actually improved the genre, allowing for more interaction and understanding between the user and the character.

In X Fire, the same new principals are picked up again. However, a higher element has now been incorporated - the ability to have up to four players on your side. Four players have the option of selecting from four different characters - each with their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. If you don't have four players available to play with, then the computer will take control of the remaining characters. This means that four characters will always be helping you at all times.

Instead of just shooting your foes, you must also defend and protect your friends as well. When they require your assistance, you will have to be there to help them. This has the potential of producing a whole new level of interactivity in this game.

In case of a situation where a character is controlled by the computer, you have the ability to relay orders to them. To accomplish this, three commands are available at your disposal: Caution, Attack and Guard. Each command is assigned to a button onto the Dual Shock 2 controller. The following four characters will have various weapons at their disposal, along with different abilities and personalities: ·

John Gray Connors: John is an experienced Soldier who has developed an impressive record over his years of service. His primary quality is his ability to form effective plans and/or strategies before, and during a situation. As John has had a large amount of experience in battle situations, he has vast knowledge in the use of weapons and explosive devices.

Jado Gazule: Jado is a former football player who plays an important role within this team. He was chosen primarily because of his athletic abilities. Jado has full knowledge of the operation of such elements as heavy weaponary and tanks.

Melinda Estevez: Melinda is an ex-medical student who was recruited because of her medical experience. Besides the ability to heal the injured, Melinda can also use various firearms to the best of her abilities.

Maya Swanson: While Maya is a well-trained and experienced sniper, she has had no actual battle experience. Maya's strong qualities lie in her abilities to use information and computer systems to the team's advantage.

In order to get through each level, you must be able to fully cooperate with your friends. Right now, current stages will include a police station, an underground stage as well as additional stages taking place within outdoor environments. More stages are expected to be described shortly, as more information regarding the game is revealed to insiders.

The action within this game promises to be very intense and changing. Different forms of shooting will take place, from full guns blazing through corridors, to sneaking around your enemy. To accompany the four player mode will include a Versus Mode, along with Team Battles. New details regarding this game's rich storyline were also revealed to insiders earlier this week.

The game takes place during the year 2076. During this time, a metorite strikes North America causing instant death and injuries to individuals near the collision. Survivors of the meteorite impact must cope with a new outbreak that is killing off the massive population that remains. This area is quickly placed under quarantine and closed off as part of a government plan to prevent this disease from being spread to the rest of North America and the World. Only two months later, the government declares the area as being safe and hazard-free. An inspection team chosen by the government is sent in to inspect the area itself and it's surroundings.

Shortly after, the inspection team encounters a situation that they were not prepared for: Their immediate capture. A new group from within the area's population was developed over the last two months. They immediately declared that they were the new government for this land, and they decide to hold the inspection team hostage. To cope with this hostile situation, the government must send in a new team of experts to investigate and deal with this situation/conflict.

So far, from the screen shots that have been obtained, the game looks visually impressive. From what we know, the game will feature characters that are made up of up to 6000 polygons. Over 2500 motion-captured animations have also been incorporated into this game to establish realistic movements. Keep in mind that various special effects such as lighting features are still absent from the preliminary screen shots. Even without these features, this game remains to be visually stunning.

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