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Cheats and Hints for Beat Mania GottaMix

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Beat Mania GottaMix

  Beat Mania GottaMix
Game Shark Codes
Allows Game to Play in a Mod-Chip System [Note] D0180EB0 03BE
80180EB0 0000
D0180EB2 0C07
80180EB2 0000
Max Bar P1 800C18E8 0072
Number of Great P1 (????=0000-03E7) 800C19F8 ????
Number of Good P1 (????=0000-03E7) 800C19FA ????
Number of Bad P1 (????=0000-03E7) 800C19FC ????
Number of Poor P1 (????=0000-03E7) 800C19FE ????
Auto Play (01 - P1, 02 - P2) 300C1880 00??
Mode Select (??=01-03) 800B1872 00??
Option Setting 300B1884 0004
Level ? 300B1886 0008
BGM ? 300B1888 0008
SE 300B1880 000C
Unlock All Songs 800B1894 0000
800B1896 0000
Unlock All Tunes 300B2230 0015
300B2350 0004
300B2354 0005
300B2358 0006
300B235C 0007
300B2360 0008
300B2364 0009
300B2368 000A
300B236C 000B
300B2370 000C
300B2374 000D
300B2378 000E
300B237C 000F
300B2380 0010
300B2384 0011
300B2388 0012
300B238C 0013
300B2390 0014
300B2394 0015
300B2398 0016
300B239C 0017
300B23A0 0003


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