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Nokia Ringtones and Nokia Logos for your mobile phone

Cheats and Hints for Bounty Sword Double Edge

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Bounty Sword Double Edge

  Bounty Sword Double Edge
Game Shark Codes
Infinite Money 800BD26C FFFF
Infinite HP & SP Main Character 800D74EA 0063
800D74EC 0063
Max Status Main Character 800D74F0 00FF
800D74F2 00FF
800D74F4 00FF
800D74F6 00FF
800D74F8 1414
Infinite HP & SP 2nd Character 800D76B6 0063
800D76B8 0063
Max Status 2nd Character 800D76BC 00FF
800D76BE 00FF
800D76C0 00FF
800D76C2 00FF
800D76C4 1414
Infinite HP & SP 3rd Character 800D7882 0063
800D7884 0063
Max Status 3rd Character 800D7888 00FF
800D788A 00FF
800D788C 00FF
800D788E 00FF
800D7890 1414
Infinite HP & SP 4th Character 800D7A48 0063
800D7A50 0063
Max Status 4th Character 800D7A54 00FF
800D7A56 00FF
800D7A58 00FF
800D7A5A 00FF
800D7A5C 1414


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