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Cheats and Hints for Capcom Generations Volume 4

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Capcom Generations Volume 4

  Capcom Generations Volume 4
War Wolf
Infinite Bombs D0035C3C 0B8C
80035BF2 0040
Infinite Health D00413B0 0547
80041320 0000
War Wolf 2
Infinite Time D0035C10 5D84
301E8212 0009
P1 Invincible 301E8442 007F
P1 Max Bomb 301E842E 0009
P1 Infinite HP 801E8426 2000
P1 Infinite Power 301E843A 0009
P1 All Weapons Selectable [Note] D00CE6E0 0011
301E8437 0001
D00CE6E0 0012
301E8437 0002
D00CE6E0 0014
301E8437 0003
D00CE6E0 0018
301E8437 0000
P2 Invincible 301E84FA 007F
P2 Max Bomb 301E84E6 0009
P2 Infinite HP 801E84DE 2000
P2 Infinite Power 301E84F2 0009
P2 All Weapons Selectable [Note] D00CE700 0011
301E84EF 0001
D00CE700 0012
301E84EF 0002
D00CE700 0014
301E84EF 0003
D00CE700 0018
301E84EF 0000
Gun Smoke
P1 & P2 Infinite Health, Speed & Goodies D00345E0 2850
800345DC 0000
800C2850 FFFF
Note: Press L1 for Guncon; L2 for Flame; R1 for Fastest Gun; R2 for Spread Gun


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