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Cheats and Hints for Crash Team Racing

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Crash Team Racing

  Crash Team Racing
Extra battle mode arenas
Successfully complete the arcade one player mode under the easy, medium, and hard difficulty setting for all for cups to receive a total of four new battle arenas. The easy difficulty setting unlocks the "Parking Lot", normal unlocks "The North Bowl", and hard unlocks "Lab Basement".
N. Trophy
Successfully complete the "Roos Tubes" level in time trial mode to unlock N. Trophy.
Nitros Oxide
Get a time lower than N. Trophy's best on time trail mode to unlock Nitros Oxide track ghost. Defeat the ghost on each time trial track to race as Nitros Oxide.
Ripper Roo
Win the Red Gem cup to unlock Ripper Roo.
Papu Papu
Win the Green Gem cup to unlock Papu Papu.
Komodo Joe
Win the Blue Gem cup to unlock Komodo Joe.
Win the Yellow Gem cup to unlock Pinstripe.
Fake Crash
Win the Purple Gem cup to unlock Fake Crash.
Red Gem cup
Collect all four red coins in adventure mode.
Green Gem cup
Collect all four green coins in adventure mode.
Blue Gem cup
Collect all four blue coins in adventure mode.
Yellow Gem cup
Collect all four yellow coins in adventure mode.
Purple Gem cup
Collect all four purple coins in the crystal levels of adventure mode.
Turbo track
Collect all coins and all five gems.
Break N. Oxide's records in time trial mode to unlock a scrapbook option at the main menu.
Playable Spyro The Dragon 2 demo
Hold L1 + R1 and press Down, Circle, Triangle, Right at the title page/new game screen.
Defeating Bosses
Do not stay directly behind a Boss to avoid getting hit by power-ups. A Boss cannot hit you if you are in front of him, so drive fast.
Power slides
Power slides are always good for any turn, but if L1 or R1 is held too long you will spin out and lose precious time.


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