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Nokia Ringtones and Nokia Logos for your mobile phone

Cheats and Hints for Diablo

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Begin a Multi-player game then follow these steps.
Give all gold to one of the characters, then ONLY save the game for that character. Restart the game.
The character that gave all his gold to the other character will have all the gold he had before he gave it away. Repeat this until you get the max of 200,000 in gold.
during game-play, go to your inventory, then drop as many of your items as you can. They MUST be able to fit in your belt.
Now that there are enough items droped to fill up your belt, now select something that is in your belt.
now while it is still highlighted press triangle to go back. there should be one of what you selected on the ground and one in your belt. ( if you duplicated a duplicated item it will disapear)


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