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Cheats and Hints for Dragonball GT Final Bout

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Dragonball GT Final Bout

  Dragonball GT Final Bout
Enter these codes in at the Title screen.
Press Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, Start
Gives you access to the bonus characters; they appear in the Build mode character screen
Enable the Bonus fighters code, then press Triangle(10), Square(9)
Lets you fight as Super Saiyanjin 4
Press L1, L2, R1, R2, Start
Choose a song to listen to. Hit Select to view the lyrics and song info
Press right, left, down, up, right, left, down, up, triangle 5 times, square 9 times. Then repeat.
Gives you 7 extra characters at the character selection screen
After entering the code where you press triangle (10) and square (9) then beat the game 9 times on hard and press select (9 times)
You will get the gotenks
Enter these codes in while selecting a character.
Hold Select and press X
While in two player or training mode you will fight as wire frame fighters.
Press Square + X + Circle
Gives you alternate costumes
During fight
when using pan push down then push square,a small fire ball will come out of her hands, as soon as this happens do her combo (down, forward, punch)
she will now keep the fireball thing and can use it for a weapon
when using freeza push down then square,he will do the same thing as pan but with ice, then use his combo (back, down, forward)
you will get an ice ball to use as a weapon, if you hold down L1 then you can fly with it)
While playing with Goku, press right, left, down, up, triangle.
He will form a ball over his head and throw it. This is the most powerfull move in the game.
Fight as Vegeta or Majain Boo and press forward, back, down, up.
Self Destruct
on the title screen whare it says press selet to enter sound menu...put in right,left,down,up x 2 then press triangle 5 times and box(SQUARE)9 times
put the game on harde and beate it 20 times
gogeta will become playable
In the character selection screen
Press Select, then press Square.
Will activate Super Bebi, the legendary truffle, inVegeta's body


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