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Cheats and Hints for Final Fantasy 7

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Final Fantasy 7

  Final Fantasy 7
Enter these codes in during gameplay.
While racing a Chocobo hold R1 + R2
Your stamina will stop decreasing
while in battle square or in fight where slot machine limit break is used continually press square it takes many hits but the spinning will slow enabling easier choosing of handicap or limitbreak moves
continually press square while slot machines spinning(limit break/battle square)
and slots will slow down.
in the battle screen have the w-item materia equiped. chose the w-item option you will come to the item screen choose any old item for your first pick and then a good item for your next
then hit the enter button and then the cancel button by doing this you should have an extra item you can keep doing it until you have 99 of that item
Set your limit break to level 1 before fighting savor sepheroth. after beating him you will fight normal sephiroth. use braver on him.
you will get a different ending. ( it's the same ending but you see a different hand)
to get vincent beat LOST NUMBER in Shira's mainsion and got the key inside the safe. When you goto the basement don't go to the library go to the other room
talk to him about Sephiroth and he'll go to sleep, talk to him again and he'll tell you his name. then go to the library. when you leave he'll join your team
buy a lot of hypers and give them to your characters
their limits will increase by almost twice as much
have a person with w-materia cast a regen spell(regen w/all preferabel), and then cast any other spell with the next person up.just after the regen spell is cast open the playstations CD lid.
your party will continue to gain life until you close the lid, it will get choppy for a moment and then continue on with the next spell.
Hold L1+L2+R1+R2 during a chocobo race
this will slowly restore your energy
Go to the crater on Disc 3 adn when you split into 2 parties choose the left path. When you come to a room with 2 doors take the first one
in this room you will fight an enemy called magic pots. you can only harm them if you give them an elixer. then you can kill them.use W-materia to get 99elixers. magic pots give you 16000 exp.and 1000p. each.
On the world map there is a small island below cosmo canyon that is not on the map. Go to the Island and you'll fight this little cactus man. Morph him.
You will get a Tetris Elemental
Before fighting the ruby elemental have two people dead.
If you don't you can't even Hurt him, Also I heard that if you throw dazers at him they work.
First, put Hades in a linked slot with added effect
Go into battle and use the person with Hades and added effect to hit someone
After a couple tries the enemy will have all the unnatural status' on him, i.e. (sleep, small, ect.)
Go to the Gold Saucer to the Wonder Sqare and then up to the games. Go to arm wrestling game.
When it asks to play for 100 gil to play then take a rubber band and place it around the analog and the handle of your controller. This makes analog point in a down/left direction. Turn on the auto switch and put something on O button to hold it down.
This will have cloud arm wrestle over and over again. You will gain more gp the longer you leave it. (Need a barracuda2 controller or similar to do this.)
Fight GI Nattak
Toss hima Phoenix Down. I know, I know: it's not supposed to do anything, but let me tell you how fast that fight was
It may take a few tries for this to work, though.
go to gold saucer IN FIRST DISK ONLY
get day pass and get a thousand gp battle areana and spend it all
a big man will apear and he says he will get you to level 99 and he does
GI Caves boss
give the boss an x-potion (you can find one in the caves)
he dies instantly. if you haven't noticed life = his death


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