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Cheats and Hints for Hardcore 4x4

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Hardcore 4x4

  Hardcore 4x4
The trucks and their specialties:
The Bushmaster, green.
This is a good truck for beginners with the best all around abilities.
Dust Devil, Red
Another truck for novices, fairly fast with good traction.
Ice Breaker, Blue
The ice Breaker has superb traction foro the pack ice track.
Side Winder, Orange
This is the truck with the best suspension, allowing it to cope with the pot holes in Sun Baked Gulch
Brimstone, yellow
This truck has great suspension, but isn't quite as fast as some of the others, ideal for twists and turns in the Devil's Kitchen.
Rock Hopper, Purple
This trucks excellent traction allows it to cope with the moutains of the camber pass.


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