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Cheats and Hints for Jet Moto

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Jet Moto

  Jet Moto
To enable Cheat mode: Go to the Options screen, set the difficulty level to Professional and the laps to 6. Go to the main screen and press C, S, T, S, T. Enter any of the following codes:
D, C, L, L1, L, R, L, R
super agility
T, U, L2, U
rocket racer
C, S, R2, C, T, L2, R, U
two-player mode with other bikes
T, C, R, R2, U, S, U, T
infinite turbos
R, U, C, L2, T, C, R1, R2
double stunt points
S, L1, T, R, L1, D, R2, T
zero resistance
R1, R2, R, L2, U, C, U, C
air brakes
U, R2, R1, R, L1, S, R
ice racing
T, D, S, T, L1, R1
show-off cameras
1. In the options screen, select "Ameteur" as a difficulty level and set Trophy Presenter to Male. Exit the screen.
2. In the main/opening screen, press up, rihgt, down, left, up, rihgt, down, left. 3. Go back into the options screen, set difficulty to Professional adn Trophy Presenter to Rider's Choice.
4. Now at the main screen, press up, left, down, right, up, left, down, right. 5. You should hear the "cash register " sound of all the tracks being unlocked.


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