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Cheats and Hints for Mortal Kombat 4

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Mortal Kombat 4

  Mortal Kombat 4
Start a 2 player game then follow these instructions.
Enter 302 213 at the Kombat Kode screen, quit the match and go to the Options screen, highlight Versus Screen Enabled and hold Run + Block for 10 seconds.
A cheat menu will appear.
After you put in 302 213 in the versus mode and get the cheats, go to the character screen.
Go to scorpion and hold start and press R1 3 times, then go to hidden. After you go to hidden go to rieko, hold start and push R1 3 more times
Get Noob Saibot
go to the charachter screen and do the following
select the "hidden" icon at the bottom of the screen . Now move up 3 times and left once adn press run and block simultaniously.
you can now play as Goro
go to hidden hold run move up 2 spaces left once and press block
You should have Noob Saibot


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