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Cheats and Hints for NASCAR Racing 98

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NASCAR Racing 98

  NASCAR Racing 98
When the green flag drops press the START button and then go to the Race Statistics screen.
Hold L1, L2, R1, R2 and sound of an engine rev will confirm successful entry of the code.
Return to the race and you'll find paintballs coming out of your car when you press
TRIANGLE, this will spin out the car in front of you. Turbo Mode
At the Main Menu/Game Options screen, hold CIRCLE, and press UP, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT.
A new option will appear at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to turn the Turbo Mode on
and off. This option will increase the game's speed up to 30 fps-super fast.
Pinnacle Car
To access the Pinnacle car you have to be in Exhibition Mode. Highlight Bobby Labonte's car
on the Race Setup/Car Select screen and hold X and press UP, DOWN. The Pinnacle car is
based on the Pinnacle Trading Cards. Note: You will lose the cheat if you exit the Exhibition
Mode. EA Sports Car
To access this car, follow the same procedure as the Pinnacle Car cheat, except you must
highlight Kenny Wallace's car.


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