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Cheats and Hints for NBA Jam Extreme

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NBA Jam Extreme

  NBA Jam Extreme
Special Teams
Enter the following initials and birth dates at the Record Keeping Screens prior to playing the game:
All Star East(Team 1) - LMH 6/281. Vin Baker2. Terrell Brandon3. Patrick Ewing
4. Penny Hardaway5. Grant Hill6. Juwan HowardAll Star East(Team 2) - EST 3/14
1. Reggie Miller2. Alonzo Mourning3. Scottie Pippen4. Glen Rice5. Juwan Howard
6. Patrick EwingAll Star West(Team 1) - WST 7/121. Clyde Drexler2. Sean Elliot
3. Shawn Kemp4. Jason Kidd5. Karl Malone6. John StocktonAll Star West
(Team 2) - RMC 4/211. Dikembe Mutombo2. Hakeem Olajuwon3. Gary Payton
4. Mitch Richmond5. David Robinson6. John StocktonHappy Team
1. Pirate Bill - SAL 2/22. Mr. Happy - MJT 3/223. Dufus The Clown - GRR 6/19
4. Three Feet Under - TOD 4/175. Mr. Unhappy - GEM 11/36. Ooohh - JLH 1/26


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