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Nokia Ringtones and Nokia Logos for your mobile phone

Cheats and Hints for NBA Live 98

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NBA Live 98

  NBA Live 98
Basket/Underhand free throw:Hold R1 while shooting a free throw. Practice shot:
Hold L1 while shooting a free throw.
Twirling the ball before shooting a free throw:
Hold R1 + L1 and press X when the ball is moving on the "T" power bar.
Easter Egg Codes:Accessing Codes:
Start a game and go to the User Setup screen. At the "user setup screen",
enter a new user name as 'Secrets'. Finish the name
by pressing "start". A new "secrets" option will appear at the bottom
of the screen. Press Circle to access the "secrets" menu. From
here you can type in new codes and activate old codes previously entered.
For a customized team go to 'Create Custom Team' and enter:
City Team nameEA EuropalsHitmen AllSorts
Hitmen CodersHitmen EarplugsHitmen Idlers
Hitmen PixelsQA CampersQA DBuggers
QA TesttubesTNT BlastersCodes:
Eyepatch: Create players with eyepatchesMonocle: Create players with monocles
Reptile: Chameleon awayPin rocks: Enables Adorable Pin in Halloween codes
Seaweed: Underwater court
Scary : Halloween Team Home (clowns, aliens, funny pin, mummy)
Freaky: Halloween Team Away (see above) Cloak home: Home players are invisible
Cloak away: Away players are invisible
Toque: Create players with the Electronic Arts ToquePrisoners: Prisoners
Lizard: Chameleon home


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