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Cheats and Hints for NCAA Gamebreaker

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NCAA Gamebreaker

  NCAA Gamebreaker
Easter Egg Screen
At the Main Menu, enter L1, R1, L2, R2. You'll now be at a screen entitled
"Easter Egg" and you'll be able to enter in your codes using the
letters and numbers on the left hand side of the screen. The
password must utilize upper and lowercase letters. You have
to enter this code to use any of the codes below.
Easier To Catch
Enter 'Hands' to make it easier to catch the ball and hold on to it.
All Star Teams
Enter the following codes to get the All Star teams.
ND All Stars
OSU All Stars
USC All Stars
EMU All Stars
Neb All Stars
Mich All Stars
Always Healthy
Enter 'Healthy' to have continuously healthy players.
Bad Blocking
Enter 'Blocking Down' to have the offensive block badly.
Better Tackling
Enter 'Tackles' for better tackling.
Enter 'Blizzard' to make more snow.
Block Better
Enter 'Blocking Up' to have the Offensive line block better.
Faster Boost
Enter 'Flash' for more power in the boost.
Giant Cheerleaders
Enter 'Amazons' for giant cheerleaders.
Giant Players
Enter 'Giants' to make the players big.
Giant Quarterback
Enter 'Big GB' for the giant quarterback
Harder Hits
Enter 'Rock Em' for harder hits.
Harder Rain
Enter 'Hurricane' to affect the rain.
Harder To Swim
Enter 'Swim Down' to make it harder to swim around someone.
Harder Wind
Enter 'Tornado' for harder wind.
Kick Far
Enter 'Big Foot' to make the punter kick farther.
Kick Short
Enter 'Little Foot' to make the punter kick shorter than usual.
More Fumbles
Enter 'Fumbles' for more fumbles.
More Interceptions
Enter 'Interceptions' for more interceptions.
More Swim Power
Enter 'Swim Up' for better swim power.
Quarterback Throws Farther
Enter 'Big Arm' to make the Quarterback throw farther.
Quarterback Throws Short
Enter 'Little Arm' to make the Quarterback throw shorter than usual.
Slow CPU
Enter 'Slow CPU' to slow down the computer.
Small Players
Enter 'Midgets' for small players.
Strong Arm
Enter 'Cannon' to give the Quarterback a stronger arm.


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