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Nokia Ringtones and Nokia Logos for your mobile phone

Cheats and Hints for Need for Speed

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Need for Speed

  Need for Speed
All the passwords you could possibly wish for...
Track 01 WRDRTY : Track 02 ZDPBWN : Track 03 MTQRZP
Track 04 JVPZLL : Track 05 ZYMNLH : Track 06 WMRPGZ
Lost Vegas YXGSJJ : Track 08 KJPQND : Track 09 SDQWCG
Track 10 SLZXDH : Track 11 SPZDFX : Track 12 ZVGRGX
Track 13 XJHVCK
More extra vehicles:
To select these vehicles, simply enter the codes on the password sceen
and then start the race. These codes are for player one - to use them for
player two exchange the 'ME' at the end of the code 'UP'.BEETME - Trabant
BMRME - BMWBNZME - Mercedes BenzJEPME - Comanche pick-up
LCME - Toyota off-RoadVOVME - VolvoTRAMME - TramSTDAME - Stand
ASTDBME - StandBSTDME - Stand CExtra Tracks and Car:
To gain the extra option enter TSYBNS as your password. An extra track
will then be rewarded and if you hold down R2 and L1 different variations
of the courses will become available.


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