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Nokia Ringtones and Nokia Logos for your mobile phone

Cheats and Hints for Pandemonium 2

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Pandemonium 2

  Pandemonium 2
31 Lives
Enter IMMORTAL as password.
Level Select
Enter OCMCKKEJ as password.
Level Passwords
EMIAGCAI - Ice Prison
OMACCBAI - Zorrscha's Lab
FAIAGCBI - Hot Pants
FEKAGCCA - Stan's The Man
LGBFIICE - Oyster Desoyster
LMBBIIEE - Puzzle Wood
IEBBIIGF - Temple Of Nori
KNBBIIAI - Egg! Egg!
LGBJIICI - Huevos Libertad!
LOBJIIEI - Pipe Hous
IGBJIIGJ - Hate Tank
FFCAGCCC - Fantabulous
FHCAGCCK - Mr. Schneobelen
FJKEGCDC - Collide O Scope
FLKEGCDK - The Zoul Train
ADIKBIIB - Lick The Toad
ADMIBIID - The Bitter End
MAECCBEJ - Rub The Buddha


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