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Cheats and Hints for Ridge Racer Revolution

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Ridge Racer Revolution

  Ridge Racer Revolution
Devil Car
You can access the Devil Car by completing the Novice Time Trial and then completing the
Advanced EXTRA Course.
Angel Car
Access this car by first gaining the Devil Car and then complete the Expert Time Trial.
Mirror Tracks
At the start of the race turn around and drive into the wall at a speed of over 100km/h.
Remove Rear View Mirror
Press Pause and hold TRIANGLE, L1. To reinstate the mirror press Pause and hold
Spin Mode
You can obtain points in RRR by spinning and sliding at various stages of the circuits. To
activate this mode select a Time Trial, press START and hold ACCELERATE and BRAKE
until your engine starts. When you drive around the circuit a message will flash up indicating a
'Spinning Point'. Pull your spins 'n' slides and see what points you are awarded.
Select Time Of Day
Do not shoot any of the ships when the Galaga '88 game is loading, SECRET BONUS will then
be displayed and you can now select Normal, Noon, Evening and Night from the Others
You can move the spotlight around on the Title Screen by holding L1, R1 and moving the
directional buttons on the D-pad. You can also change the size of the spotlight by holding L1,
R1 and pressing SQUARE or X to increase or decrease.
Tiny Cars
To get the Tiny Cars you must complete the Galaga '88 game in less than 44 shots. Do this by
using the Laser Code, hold:


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