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Cheats and Hints for SaGa Frontier

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SaGa Frontier

  SaGa Frontier
Quick and Easy Cash
Rack up 7500 credits and proceed to Nelson via Owmi. Once at Nelson, you can purchase gold ingots for only 500 credits as opposed to 1000 credits at Koorong. Buy the minimum of 15 gold ingots and go back to Koorong.
Then, take your gold to the Currency Exchange and sell just enough so that the gold's value drops to 520 credits. Go back to Nelson and buy as much gold as possible. You should now have more gold than n you had before.
Next, return to Koorong and increase the number of ingots you are selling so that all of them are included. CAUTION do not press Circle! Instead, decrease the number of ingots you are selling to zero. This will cause the price of gold to rise.
Once again, sell off your gold ingots until the prices reaches 520 credits. Now, purchase more gold Ingots from Nelson. Go ahead and repeat this process several times to accumulate money.
CAUTION-- You cannot get more than 50,000 in credits at one time using this cheat. Trying to do so end up in your losing all of your gold ingots and credits.


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