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Cheats and Hints for Shane Warne Cricket 99

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Shane Warne Cricket 99

  Shane Warne Cricket 99
Go to classic match and where the password is, just type the following words for the cheat to work.
SUPERMAN = Enables you to bat better
NOWAYEAS = Gives you all the classical matches
SOLIDOAK = The bowlers won't be able to knock over the stumps ( works on both teams )
DROPBALL = The fielders won't be able the catch the ball ( works on both teams )
PENSIONS = Gives you the world eleven
Thanks to Little Lucifer, Luke Audley & Simon J.
Unlocked up to level nine in "Classic Match" section:
Enter the word CLUELESS
It will unlock the classic matches up to and including level nine.
Thanks to Peter Hall
Play with Beach Balls
Go to classic match type in:
press the "X" button then the"Start" button then choose a game, and you get a cricket ball the size of a beach ball.
Thanks to
Play at the Beach:
Follow the same instructions for the beach ball cheat above and enter:
To unlock levels in match classic mode type in following codes:
level 2: overtime
level 3: sausages
level 4: dillbert
Super cheat type in match classic:
This enable the batsman to hit six off nearly every ball
Thanks to Justin Shiong


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