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Cheats and Hints for Silent Hill

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Silent Hill

  Silent Hill
Goto the options screen and enter the following:
L1 L2 R1 R2
A variety of "extra options" will now become available!
Piano Code:
After you've put the gold medallion in place on the clock tower the piano keys will be accessible.
There are seven white keys and five black keys. Below is the order in which they should be entered. In order to use the code below assume that the keys are numbered from left to right. For example, the first white key=1st the fifth black key=5th.
1 hit the 2nd white key
2 hit the 6th white key
3 hit the 5th black key
4 hit the 5th white key
5 hit the 1st black key
Beat the Door Puzzle Codes:
Beat the Zodiac Puzzle Code:


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