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Cheats and Hints for Soul Blade

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Soul Blade

  Soul Blade
To fight on random stages during the two-player versus mode, simply press and hold SELECT until
each bout begins.
COLISEUM STAGE (Added 03-Nov-97)
If you got to the Game Option screen and set the ring size to 20M, you will be able to fight in the
secret Coliseum stage in two-player mode.
Soul Edge
To play as the sword master himself, you must either complete the game with every character or
play for 20 hours. Seeing as this is a bit gruelling for even the most avid of Soul Edge fans, we
recommend you use the slightly easier method of mass completion. On completing the game with the
last character, you'll notice that the title-screen changes from a shiny blue metallic colour to a picture
of the fighters. When you see this occur, you'll know that the cheat has worked and that Soul Edge
will now have appeared on the character-select screen.
To play as Sophitia!, you must complete the Edge Master Mode using Sophitia and then obtain her
eighth weapon. Do this successfully and when you return to the character-select screen in Arcade or
Versus mode, you'll now be able to scroll off of the visible characters and select Sophitia! at the end.
To play as Siegfried!, you must complete the Edge Master Mode using Siegfried and then obtain his
eighth weapon. Do this successfully and the new baron Knight will appear next to Sophitia! on the
character-select screen in Arcade and Versus mode.
To play as Sophitia!!, you have to perform the rather tricky task of completing the Edge Master
Mode with every single character and getting each and every one of their weapons. It's hard, we
know, but worth it!
Ha Myong
The main master when it comes to swinging a sword is also a selectable character in the game, and
he is relatively easy to find. All you have to do is find Seung and Hwang's second endings and he will
appear. By second endings, we mean that you have to bash the four buttons like mad and keep
rotating the D-pad during their game-over sequences. You'll know the precise moment to start
bashing because the display will go from being letter-boxed to full-screen, and it is at this point you
must start bashing away in order to alter the sequence. Do this for both characters and Han Myong
will appear between Sophitia! and Siegfried! on the character-select screen in Arcade and Versus
It's true! When the main title screen is displayed and you hear a gruff voice say "Soul Edge", it is
possible to change the voice by holding L1 and L2 and pushing a direction on the joypad. Here are
some examples:
L1 + L2 + Down -- A husky voice will say "Soul Edge" very slowly.
L1 + L2 + Left (or Up) -- A girl's voice will say "Soul Edge" very quickly.
If there is anyone out there who still can't find each and every costume for each character, here's
how you do it:
Costume 1: S
Costume 2: X+S
Costume 3: O
Costume 4: T
Costume 5: X + T
It's no secret that you can interact with the end sequences in Soul Edge and slightly alter them in
some way or another. When each Game Over sequence begins, there will be a point where the
screen goes from being letter-boxed (ie squashed, with a black border) to full-screen. As soon as
the picture becomes full-screen, frantically bash the joypad buttons and rotate the D-pad. If all goes
according to plan, it will alter the ending sequence.
The only case where this doesn't apply is during Mitsurugi's ending where you have to fight
Tanegashima in a first-person perspective. To kill him, simply use left or right to dodge his arrows,
then keep pushing forward whenever you get the opportunity. Finally, finish him off by using a slash


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