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Cheats and Hints for Street Fighter Alpha 2

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Street Fighter Alpha 2

  Street Fighter Alpha 2
1. Play as classic Zangief put cursor on Zangief, hold start and go to these
people in order:Saget, Rose, Birdie, Charlie, Dhalsim, Ryu, Adon, Chun Li,
Guy, Ken, Zangief, then press any button. He will not have any super
moves and air blocking.
2. Play as classic Dhalsim put cursor on Dhalsim, hold start and move to in
this order:Zangief, Saget, Charlie, Dhalsim, and hit any button. He will not
have any super moves or air blocking.
Enable Ryu
I have a code to enable evil Ryu, the code is: at select screen, go to Ryu
and hold start for one second then let go. Press up, down, left then hold
start for one second and within the one second press any kick button. You
will notice that his skin is darker than normal. He does his normal super
moves and has one new one from Amuma and Kens Super Dragon Punch.
I also have a code which enables you to two new stages: Waterfall and
Grassy area like off of Street Fighter: The Animated Movie. To go to the
grassy area, go to Sagat and hold start for five seconds , then release. Pick
any character. To go to the Waterfall, go to M.Bison and hold start for five
seconds and release, then go to any character
Super Akuma
Go to Akuma then hold select. Then while holding select press
d,r,r,d,l,d,l,d,r,r,r then pick him while holding select. Then all you have to
do is to save him onto your memory card. From now on to choose him hold
select on Akuma until he turns purple and press a button.
Here's a code for all those die hard Chun Li fans:
Move the cursor onto Chun Li and press and hold SELECT for more than
3 secs until you see Chun Li change. Choose her now and you will be able
to fight with the old Chun Li (i.e. in a dress).
Extra Colors:
In SFA2 There are 2 extra colors available in the vs. mode. You are able to
choose them by pushing the square and X button at the same time or
pushing the triangle and O button at the same time. One is the autoblock
color and I don't know where the other extra color comes from.
RYU'S FAKE HADOKEN: Fireball motion and start KEN'S FAKE
ROLL: Fireball motion and start DAN'S SUPER TAUNT: Two fireball
motions and start (make sure youR combo meter is charged) ORIGINAL
CHUN-LI: Move to Chun-Li: Hold down select for 5 seconds then hit any
button (her fireball is a charge move, and she has her original costume on)
SUPER AKUMA: Move to Akuma and hold select for 2 seconds the
release. Then move down, right, right, down, left, down, left, down, right,
right, right. You should be back on Akuma. Hold select and push any
button. Super Akuma is much faster, causes more damage, and has a
double air fireball. SUPER AKUMA EASY SELECT: After the code is
done, save to memory card. Then simply move to Akuma and hold select
for five seconds and puch any button. DIFFERENT COLORS: while
selecting hit:1 punch, or 1 kick, or 2 punches, or 2 kicks. There are
supposed to be 2 other colors other than the auto block colors, but I can't
find them yet. WINNING POSES: Right after beating your opponent, hold
select and any of the six buttons. Some characters have six different poses
(like Rose & Sakura) some only have two (like Ryu & Akuma). The best
one so far is select and med kick (I think) for Rose's "daijobu" gown pose.
Experiment with different poses. Mid Bosses: Win five rounds with a
custom combo finish before round five to get to a mid boss. FIGHT
SUPER AKUMA: (I haven't done this yet) select character with regular
punch color if on the left, kick color on the right. Win 10 rounds with a
custom combo finish and have over 160,000 points by the second to last
guy. SECRET BACKGROUNDS: Enter a 2 player game and select
characters, handicap, blocking and turbo on/off for both players. A stage
select screen appears. The last 2 stages called Boss 1 and Boss 2 are
availible. Boss 1 is the field form the beginning of the SF anime. Boss 2 is a
waterfall scene. There is a code to fight on these stages in a one player
game, but I haven't got it yet. CODES I HAVEN'T FOUND YET: I know
they're in there, but I haven't got them. Evil Ryu. Original Dhalsim. Original
Zangief. Team up battle vs. Akuma. There's also a pict in the instruction
book of Sakura hugging Ryu...a pose? If you find any of these, let me
know...especially Evil Ryu. evil ryu in street fighter alpha 2 for the
playstation On the character select screen, highlight Ryu. Hold start, move
F,U,D,B, press a K or a P, then release START :) Hope this helps you!
Bison and Dhalsim
To Get Different Colored Bison & Dhalsim: While playing training mode,
execute warp and while in mid-warp, pause the game. At the main menu,
select normal mode and you'll begin the next fight with a glitched version of
the characters. Zangief's Arcade Entrance: In Vs. or Training mode, hold
Select before the match against Zangief begins and he will make his Arcade


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