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Cheats and Hints for Suikoden

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If any one needs extra gold bits flow in Suikoden, note the following: At the
very early stage, at Rockland, you'll meet Marco the hustler. Play the game
with her. When she asks how much to be bet on, say 10,000 bits- provided
you do have that much in hand, of course. Always bet on the right cup, the
gold bit will be there. Continue for a second round, still bet for 10,000 bits,
bet bet on the center cup. Then quit playing with her. Walk right back to
her and play again, each time you play, play two round as suggested, bet
the first one on the right, the second on the center, and quit. Do this loop till
your heart's content, or till your wallet's full. Be warned however, when you
get aroung the region of 400,000 gold bits from Marco, she will change the
sequence the gold bit appears under the cups. Nevertheless, 400,000 bits
will be very comfortably to start any RPG game. Notice also, when you
meet Marco again in the Warrior Village and try to recruit her, just bet once
for 10,000 bits and one the right cup. However, if you need more cash flow
this time, the previous sequence does not work after she joins.
This is a follow-up on my previous note on obtain more gold for
suikoden. The complete cycle of Marco's game you want to bet on
10,000 gold bits per trial is: Right, Center, Center, Left. Note:
everything else mentioned before still stands for the trick.
To get Clive : Clive randomly appears at the inn at Rikon. It's about 1/100
times so you must be dilligent.To get Nester : Go to where you met Kun to
and Sarah. Go to each house conected to the laudry line. Taste the stew in
each house and go to Kun to House. Nester is there.To get Pesmerga :
Reclime Neclord's tower after he's dead. Pasmerga is at the top.To get
Gremio back : Get to the Last Battle with ALL 108 characters.To keep
Pahn alive : Get him to about level 35 with his weapon at level 12 and the
best armour from Chapman. Pahn will now have a chance. The key is to
understand when Teo will attack and when he'll defend. Never attack when
he defends or he'll retaliate strongly.To get Crowley : Check the south walls
in Qlon's cave.


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