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Cheats and Hints for Tekken 3

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Tekken 3

  Tekken 3
Secret Characters and Modes
Tekken Ball Mode and GON:
After you get the arcade hidden characters you can
access Tekken Ball Mode. Your first opponent will be
GON. Beat him and you will be able to use him.
Movie Mode
Beat the game with every character, (except Dr.B)
and you will get a movie mode. Now you can watch
every ending without fighting, and pop in your tekken
2 cd to see those movies too.
Disco Inferno and Delinquent Students:
To get the School uniforms for Jin and Xao, just play
with them a lot. use them something like 10 times
each and you should be able to get their new
uniforms. I think it's the same with eddi's 70's
The final hidden character; Dr. B:
To get Doctor Bostonivich you must beat tekken force
mode. Every time you beat it you will get a key. First
copper, then silver then gold. The next time you beat
the fourth level you will face Doctor B. Beat him to
add him to your list of fighters.
Gun Jack, and Kuma have extendable endings. Beat
the game again to get them.
Secret Characters:
Just beat the game in Arcade mode with any
character and receive a new character.
Secret Fighters
Complete the game in Arcade mode.
Complete Arcade mode twice.
Gun Jack
Complete Arcade mode three times.
Complete Arcade mode four times. Mokujin is a wooden man/woman who randomly adopts the
fighting style and moves of other characters.
Complete Arcade mode five times.
Complete Arcade mode six times.
Complete Arcade mode seven times.
Complete Arcade mode eight times.
True Ogre
Complete Arcade mode nine times.
Highlight Kuma on the character select screen and press l or 5.
Complete the game with all the main characters. Then highlight Eddy
on the character select screen and press s.
Doctor B
Complete Tekken Force mode four times, then defeat Doctor Boskonovitch
when he appears. You can then select him in Arcade mode. His secret
underground cave stage will also be unlocked.
There are two ways of obtaining Gon. You can either complete
Arcade mode using Doctor B, or you can defeat Gon in the secret
Tekken Ball mode. To use Gon in Arcade mode, move the cursor
either left or right off the character select screen.
Secret Costumes
Some of the fighters have a third costume, selected
by pressing Start to choose them on the character select
screen. However, to unlock secret costumes for each character,
you have to play them a certain number of times in Arcade
mode (without pausing and choosing 'Reset'). The quickest
way is to set the timer to 20 seconds, battles to one round,
and allow yourself to be defeated, then
choose not to continue.
To see her in school uniform, you have to play her 50 times in Arcade mode.
To make him don rugby-style top and stripy trousers (school uniform?), play him 50 times in Arcade
She gets her high-fashion white outfit, complete with hat, after you've played her 25 times in Arcade
Gun Jack
To see him in his earlier 'Jack-2' form, you only have to play him 10 times in Arcade mode.


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