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Cheats and Hints for Triple Play 97

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Triple Play 97

  Triple Play 97
Secret Players
In the Options menu select CREDITS. Pictures of players who made the
game are shown. Make a note of the names of these players and then enter
them in the CREATE PLAYER section.
Mystery Stadium
Press L1, R1, L1, R1, START, in the stadium selection screen.
1000 Footer!
When you are up to bat and you feel like just crushing the ball (HomeRun
Derby, may also work in regular game - haven't tried it) use this button
sequence: (while holding all of the shift buttons [L1,L2,R1,R2] press up, up,
triangle, triangle, up, up, x, x. Do this right as soon as the pitcher starts to
wind up, you must be done the sequence before he lets the ball go. You can
hold down the shift buttons before he starts the wind up, but not the
sequence. When the code is activated, you will hear a chime indicating that
you are ready to crush the ball over 1000 ft.
Notes on the the 1000 foot HRWhen playing Home Run derby you can
enter the code at anytime during the time the player is up to bat. Also, the
person holding the other controller can enter the codes for you if you are
having problems doing it. If you try to hit one in the regular game, you have
to wait until the pitcher is in his wind-up and no on can be on base because
when you hit triangle and then up the player steals.


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