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Cheats and Hints for Twisted Metall

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Twisted Metall

  Twisted Metal
When you are in the freeway stage. Off to the side in some spots there is
a place were you get power back. Once you get your power
back(you must be using Crimson Furie to do this)face it so u would be
hiting the front of it put a mine in the middle of the ramp then
back up and turbo it u will fly right through the wall.Now you
are in the middle.
In the canal stage only on on player where you exit the city into the
canal there is a jump. If you use Crimson Furie and turbo over that
jump you will be outside the ring and noone can hurt you but you can hurt then.
I have yet to find out how to get out from the centre I think it has
somthing to do with the sewer grates.
Twisted metal cheat
In the city park stage, in a small alleyway with graffiti on the wall,on
the side of the water with only one block, there is a ref. Run over the
ref and sit on his dead body for a few seconds. You get full life.
There is a box hanging from a crane in the rooftop level. Shoot it
until it drops. There are three power-ups inside it. In order to reach
the crane, fire at it from the hidden roof which you reach by jumping
off the ramp behind the pyramid.
Play with any character,except
the tank and ice cream truck on rooftop stage!!Go up the ramp
and at the little metal vent on the left,destroy at get the
catupult!!Then go past the pyramid to the ramp and ramp to
the next rooftop!! In order to do this trick,you must have turbos!!!
When you ramp off and land,go immediatly to your right!!
Place yourself as if you are going to go inside the hallway to the
pyramid!!A good thing to do is to place yourself at the right corner
of the cement block!!Place a catupult right before the edge,but still
on the rooftop!!Then, go back a little ways,set yourself up,and turbo
into the pyramid hallway!! If you pull this trick off,
it will save your ammo!!
Twisted Metal Code.....
On the rooftop level, use Roadkill and get go up the ramp then right
across from the pyarmid, there are two boxes. Drive over to them and
then drive backwards right into the pyramid. You should fall inside
the pyramid with it not even open yet! Its hard to do it may take a
long time. It helps to use turbo on the way.
Warehouse - Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle
Freeway - Eks, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle
Park - Eks, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square
Cyburbia - Eks, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Rooftop - Square, Triangle, Eks, Circle, Eks
Arena 2 - Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square
*Helicopter View - Circle, Circle, Triangle, Eks,-
Invincible - Square, Triangle, Eks,-, Circle
Infinite Weapons - Triangle,-, Square, Circle, Circle
Fight Minion - Triangle, Eks, Circle, Square, Triangle
*To have Helicopter view you must do the following*
-Enter this code before entering a level code.
-This view only works on Arena, Rooftop and
-While playing press DOWN+START a couple times
untill you get the helicopter
Twisted Metal code
0ne player game, during gameplay (do not pause), push buttons START &
X simultaneously. You will see a list of the remaining vehicles
(besides yourself) on that level.
code for Twisted metal
circle squere triangle triangle for secret weapon number 2
Choose 1 player and when you
play press(don pause)right+start, then you got a view mirror.That is
really great


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