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Cheats and Hints for WWF War Zone

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WWF War Zone

  WWF War Zone
Difficulty level must be medium or higher
Play as Cactus Jack
Win the World title with Mankind.
Fight in Wrestlemania ring:
Successfully complete season mode. The title match will be in the Wrestlemania ring.
Big Head Mode:
Win the WWF title in challenge mode with the British Bulldog or the Rock.
All Meters Off:
Win the WWF title in challenge mode with the Undertaker.
Play as Dude Love
Win the IC title with Mankind.
Alternate costumes
To use wrestlers' alternate outfits, hold down L2 while making your character selection.
Female Wrestler
To create a female wrestler, complete challange mode with Shawn Michaels.
Goldust's Hidden Outfits
Make sure difficulty is set on Medium or hard, choose Goldust and win the WWF title in challange mode with him. You will unlock Goldust's hidden outfits MarilyDust and Dusty Dust.
Get More attribute points
Get more attribute points for a wrestler you created. First, load the wrestler you created and exit the create a wrestler option. Then, win a match with that wrestler by completely destroying your opponent. You now have two extra attribute points. Finally, go to your create a wrestler option and your wrestler will be open with two two more attribute points.
A Wrestler can taunt his opponent:
Taunt 1: Press Punch+Block
Taunt 2: Press Tie Up+Kick


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